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I write this code for checking:

var num = $("#knum").val();
        if (isNaN(parseInt(num))) {
            $("#errorknum").html("Please define a number.");
        else {
            if (num < 1 | num > 249) {
                $("#errorkrnum").html("your number must be less then 249 and can be greater than 1");
            else {

Everything is fine but, for example, when the user type 1242fdlfldsf means it is 1242 but she accept it. How can I dishandle this value by code like for example: 23232dkfj

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Two typos: 1) it's not greater then, it's greater than. 2) | should be || – Amarghosh Jun 4 '10 at 9:48

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parseInt() should always be used with the second argument, in order to tell it that you expect a base-10 number:

parseInt(num, 10)

Also, you don't save its results so you are comparing strings.

And the single | is a bitwise operator. You probably want ||.

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Also, when you do your OR comparison, you need to be using || not |:

if (num < 1 || num > 249)
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