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I'd like to have a smart auto-completition of currently staged file names when using git diff.


modified:   DIR1/LongCamelCaseFileName.h
modified:   DIR1/AnotherLongCamelCaseFileName.m
modified:   DIR1/AndThereAreALotOfThemInDir1.m
modified:   DIR2/file4.m

and here, using bash tab-auto-complete functionality I'd like to use it with

git diff

where by smart I mean that after typing git diff I'd need to type only a short part of the staged file name that I want to diff, and without a dirname, so for example

git diff And<TAB>

would result in

git diff DIR1/AndThereAreALotOfThemInDir1.m

Actually, without a dir-ommiting-part it would be still useful (auto-completing using only staged files pool).

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This would be a nice feature, but there are already few alternatives, e.g.:

Interactive mode:

git add -i


git add *And*
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