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We are working with a vendor to develop a mobile app and plan on using WCF services to handle operations. What are some types of authentication I can use with a WCF service? Would we send a user name and password through the SOAP header? How can we accomplish this securely?

Also, this will be authenticated against our .NET membership database using the Membership classes. Thoughts? Thanks.

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Do you want to authenticate the user or the device ? If it's the device, you could look into certificate-based authentication which isn't too easy to deploy in non-controlled environment but very secure and easy for the end user. Otherwise, you will need to get some authentication data from the user himself (like a password). –  Stephane Jun 4 '10 at 12:11

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What O/S is the mobile device running? It seems to me that the mobile device can use Windows Authentication if the mobile app is written using a framework (such as the .NET compact framework) to authenticate, just like you would with a web application. Set up the connection to use SSL and you're golden.

Another means could be to write a challenge/response system similar to Windows Authentication - but this seems like overkill unless the mobile app is on an operating system that doesn't support Windows Auth.

If you're at all familiar with the ASP.NET MembershipProvider/RoleProvider/MembershipUser model, it's fairly easy to use once you get past the limitations their model incurs.

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The mobile device can be an iphone or droid. Our tech lead discovered a built in WCF service that will handle SOAP authentication (System.Web.ApplicationServices.AuthenticationService) which we were going to look into further. I don't know much about this at the moment but wanted to see how, in general, generic clients would authenticate against a WCF service and the built in Membership model. –  Ryan Peters Jun 4 '10 at 18:21

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