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I have a WebTable in QTP like:

            <DIV class=divRow id=divRow_d_0>
              <DIV class=divFirst>1</DIV>
              <DIV class=divData>toto</DIV>
              <DIV class=divData>fofo</DIV>
            <DIV class = divRow id=divRow_d_1>
              <!--same structure here-->

Here, I want to capture the values divFirst and divData for each divRow, ideally, store every divRow in a string.

Could someone please tell me how can I do that?

Thanks a lot

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This seems to work:

Set RowDesc = Description.Create()
RowDesc("class").Value = "divRow"
RowDesc("index").Value = 0

Set DataDesc = Description.Create()
DataDesc("class").Value = "divData"

While Browser("Browser").Page("Page").WebElement(RowDesc).Exist(1)
    Set Row  = Browser("Browser").Page("Page").WebElement(RowDesc)
    RowDesc("index").Value = RowDesc("index").Value  + 1
    MsgBox Row.WebElement("class:=divFirst").GetROProperty("innertext")
    DataDesc("index").Value = 0

    While Row.WebElement(DataDesc).Exist(1)
        Set Datum = Row.WebElement(DataDesc)
        MsgBox Datum.GetROProperty("innertext")
        DataDesc("index").Value = DataDesc("index").Value + 1

The reason I'm using descriptive programming with an index that will run out is that ChildObjects does not return these WebElements

(Obviously you will want to do something other than MsgBox with the values.)

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Thanks, the index works, in fact I was trying to get WebElements but no succeeded, thanks –  allenzzzxd Jun 7 '10 at 11:20
@allen, glad to help. –  Motti Jun 7 '10 at 12:52

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