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In umbraco, is it possible to check if certain property exist for particular node?

For example, I am having 5 nodes and I am having media picker property for first node alone. I need to check all the nodes whether media picker property is available for nodes or not?

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Are you doing this in an xslt file or in a user control? – Soldarnal Jun 7 '10 at 15:40
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I think you can just check property existence by comparing to null:

Node somenode = new Node(myNodeID);
if (somenode.GetProperty("myProperty") != null)
   string myProperty = somenode.GetProperty("myProperty").Value.ToString();
   //Do something with myProperty
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If you are using Razor you can do it like this:


And you can check if the property contains a value as follows:

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you can do like this

 if (Model.Content.HasValue("alias"))
//placeyour code here
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