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I've got a solution with Silverlight projects, a couple Web applications and some Windows service and their small Winforms test applications.

When I build it using TFS it puts all binary files in the Binaries folder. It also creates a _PublishedWebsites folder where it puts the web applications ready for deployment.

What I would like is for a few of the projects to have their ouput in a separate directory in the Binaries folder. I want the files that I would normally find in the bin\Release folder to be there.

I looked long and hard and could only find scarce documentation on how to achieve that and only for TFS 2008. There's a good article there link text and another entry for VS 2010 there link text. However, none of these work :-(

It seems that the build ignores the <OutputPath> property. I tried fiddling with the <AfterBuild> property but unfortunately if I use the $(OutDir) property I get ALL the files in the Binaries directory and not only the ones that just got compiled.

At the moment I'm setting up a separate build that only has the projects I'm interested in that get compiled but I would really like to have all the files needed for the release built all at once.

EDIT: I didn't make it clear enough but I'm using the latest version of TFS (TFS 2010 RTM). I set up <OutputPathDir> on the project level as explained in the links that I provided.


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is this TFS 2010 CTP or TFS 2008? – slf Jun 4 '10 at 13:27
and where are you putting the OutputPath property that it is ignoring it? the proper place is on the project – slf Jun 4 '10 at 13:35

In your build definition (.proj) file, check that


Also, you may run into some problems if you're trying to compile what was once a "website" project type (created from File->New->Website->ASP.NET Webiste). They seem to override the output directory every time. We had to convert some of those to class libraries instead.

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I tried that already. It didn't seem to do anything :-( – R4cOON Jun 7 '10 at 7:08
You may have some other issues going on. CustomizableOutDir is a very disruptive flag - you should notice big changes in the build after setting that. – hemp Jun 7 '10 at 7:13

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