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I'm looking for something that will show me the size of each folder within my main folder recursively.

This is a LAMP server with a CGI-Bin so most any PHP script should work or anything that will work in the CGI-Bin.

My hosting company does not provide an interface for me to see which folders are consuming the most amount of space. I don't know of anything on the Internet, and did a few searches however I came up with no results.

Something implementing graphs (GD/ImageMagick) would be best but not required.

My host supports only Perl in the CGI-BIN.

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Strange, I came up on Google with many relevant results and this one is probably the most complete.

The function "getDirectorySize" will ignore link/shorcuts to files/directory. The function "sizeFormat" will suffix the size with bytes,KB,MB or GB accordingly.


function getDirectorySize($path)
  $totalsize = 0;
  $totalcount = 0;
  $dircount = 0;
  if ($handle = opendir ($path))
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle)))
      $nextpath = $path . '/' . $file;
      if ($file != '.' && $file != '..' && !is_link ($nextpath))
        if (is_dir ($nextpath))
          $result = getDirectorySize($nextpath);
          $totalsize += $result['size'];
          $totalcount += $result['count'];
          $dircount += $result['dircount'];
        elseif (is_file ($nextpath))
          $totalsize += filesize ($nextpath);
  closedir ($handle);
  $total['size'] = $totalsize;
  $total['count'] = $totalcount;
  $total['dircount'] = $dircount;
  return $total;

function sizeFormat($size)
        return $size." bytes";
    else if($size<(1024*1024))
        return $size." KB";
    else if($size<(1024*1024*1024))
        return $size." MB";
        return $size." GB";




echo "<h4>Details for the path : $path</h4>";
echo "Total size : ".sizeFormat($ar['size'])."<br>";
echo "No. of files : ".$ar['count']."<br>";
echo "No. of directories : ".$ar['dircount']."<br>";


Details for the path : /httpd/html/pradeep/
Total size : 2.9 MB
No. of files : 196
No. of directories : 20
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If you have shell access you can run the command

$ du -h

or perhaps use this, if PHP is configured to allow execution:

<?php $d = escapeshellcmd(dirname(__FILE__)); echo nl2br(`du -h $d`) ?>
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