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Possible Duplicates:
C And C++ Coding Standards
What existing style and coding standard documents should be used on a C++ project?

How to acheive coding standards in C++? Any reference books?

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marked as duplicate by Péter Török, Joe Gauterin, Richard, Pavel Radzivilovsky, Josh Kelley Jun 4 '10 at 16:25

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Not really a duplicate -- that was specifically asking about standards for mixing C and C++. – Jerry Coffin Jun 4 '10 at 15:59
stackoverflow.com/questions/145570/… – anon Jun 4 '10 at 16:03
@Neil: that one does look like a real duplicate... – Jerry Coffin Jun 4 '10 at 16:06

You can't afford to ignore C++ Coding Standards by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu.

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Sutter and Alexandrescu, C++ Coding Standards, 220 pgs, Addison-Wesley, 2005, ISBN 0-321-11358-6

is recomended by the C++ FAQ Lite (http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/coding-standards.html)

If you're curious about what sorts of things this book describes, http://www.gotw.ca/publications/c++cs.htm contains a table of contents.

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C++ Coding Standards by Sutter and Alexandrescu is very good.

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The C++ FAQ (lite) has lots of information that is relevant to a coding standard.

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