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Thanks guys. This forum is really helpful. Now I have another question for you.

I want to create a alphabetical pager for a view, so that when someone clicks on "A", they will see submissions whose title is starting with alphabet A. I have successfully created alpha pager by following http://tedserbinski.com/tags/drupal/creating-alpha-pager-with-views-2-and-drupal-6

Now my problem. I have created this alpha pager to allow someone search user profiles. I am using content profile for user profile. There is a field called "name", where users enter their name. On views display page, if user has not entered their name, then we display their username as title. Following steps mentioned in above link, i have created argument using user: name.

Let's consider there are two users, one with username Merlin who has not entered their name, and another user who has entered their name as Mellisa Douglas. Now, when someone clicks on pager "M", it displays user Merlin, but not Mellisa Douglas.

I tried creating second argument with filed name, but it didn't helped. The views starts displaying pager for name fields, and then doesn't shows users with username. I know I am missing something simple.

F1!! F1!!

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Here's a good tutorial that might be just what you're looking for:


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It says "Site offline" :( –  Joseph Jun 5 '10 at 6:00
Not for me it isn't. Odd. Here's the actual video for download: archive.org/download/… –  Michael D Jun 5 '10 at 15:38

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