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does anyone know what is XLib ZPixmap format for 32/24bit images/pixmaps. Is it RGB(A) or BGR(A), etc. or highly implementation dependent?

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Pixmaps have no color, period. They're just arrays of pixel values. The only drawables in X that have a color interpretation are Windows (channels defined by Visuals), Pictures (channels defined by Picture Formats), and GLX drawables (channels defined by either a GLX visual or an fbconfig). Any "color" interpretation you want to put on a pixmap is a function of where those pixels are going to end up (or, where they came from). If you're going to put them into a Window, look at the Visual of the Window to discover what the color channel masks are.

[edit: added GLX drawable info]

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This is a great answer. I had the same question. Would you be able to post some Xlib sample code? –  nonot1 Sep 23 '11 at 12:17

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