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I have a form partial that needs to render a remote_form_for or a form_for depending on the value of a local variable passed into it from the caller view. It looks like...

<% if ajax  %>
  <% remote_form_for @search, :url => {:action => :search_set, :controller => :searches, :stype => stype} do |f| %>
  <% else %>
    <% form_for @search, :url => {:action => :search_set, :controller => :searches, :stype => stype} do |f| %>
    <% end  %>

Obviously, I am getting a syntax error near the <%else %>, because its expect an "end".

What's the right way to do this?

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you could make a helper method

def form_or_remote_form_for object, *opts, &proc
  if ajax
    remote_form_for object, *opts, &proc
    form_for object, *opts, &proc

and then in your views it'd just be

<% form_or_remote_form_for @search, :url => {:action => :search_set, :controller => :searches, :stype => stype} do |f| %>
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How is this for Rails 3? – Tony Jan 26 '12 at 13:14

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