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To use the loader in the alternate glibc installation at /usr/test, I have change the loader path /lib/ to /usr/test/lib/ under the *link section in the gcc specs file. I have also pointed CPATH to /usr/test/lib/include and LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/test/lib.

Is it the correct way to use the alternate glibc?

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Yes, and no.

Yes, if glibc in /usr/test is has a version near enough to system glibc.

No, because there is a chance that glibc headers are incompatible to each other. Then gcc fails from the fix-include mechanism.

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I don't know about correct, but I'd prefer setting up a chroot environment for this sort of testing. You might alternatively use the LD_PRELOAD mechanism.

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Unfortunately sometimes I need to work on systems that I don't have root privilege – netvope Jun 4 '10 at 19:32

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