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I have two arrays and I would like to append one to the end of the other. How can I go about doing this?

self.itemsCopy = [self.items mutableCopy];

Will copy the array, but I would like to append self.items.

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Isn't this just an extension of your original question? stackoverflow.com/questions/2976910/… –  Joshua Nozzi Jun 4 '10 at 20:48
Joshua Nozzi: Nothing wrong with that. It is a separate question, regardless of its origins. –  Peter Hosey Jun 5 '10 at 5:51

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Assuming itemsCopy is an NSMutableArray that has already been created, you can do:

[self.itemsCopy addObjectsFromArray:self.items];
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Check out the docs for NSMutableArray:


Adds the objects contained in another given array to the end of the receiver’s content.

(This won't be a deep copy, however)

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