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Is there an application similar to Java's Checkstyle for Python?

By which I mean, I tool that analyzes Python code, and can be run as part of continuous integration (e.g. CruiseControl or Hudson). After analyzing it should produce an online accessible report which outlines any problems found in the code.

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There are actually a lot of tools: as other have said

  • pylint : very very strict (imho too much), yet customizable
  • pep-8 : very good
  • pychecker
  • pyflakes: extremely fast, perfect when used in emacs with flymake.

To format your code according to pep8 I can suggest you PythonTidy

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You may look at pylint to see if it fits you needs.

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Besides pylint:

the pep-8 tool

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Nice. Had not heard of this one. –  tcarobruce Jun 4 '10 at 22:11

Besides pylint and pep-8: pychecker

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