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My Subversion server access is through Apache HTTP. For instance, I don't want TortoisSVN not at version 1.6 and above be able to access it. The blockage should happen for any client not at 1.6 or above.

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According to this E-Mail from Stefan Küng (one of the Authors of TortoiseSVN), there are two ways of doing this: Using the USER_AGENT in Apache, and the capabilities parameter in a Subversion hook.

Both ways look doable but tricky.

The Apache variant would require changes in httpd.conf (or wherever you define access to the repository) but it's going to be hard to build a regular expression that checks the USER_AGENT string for a version number larger than x. While that is certainly possible to do, I have no idea how.

The capabilities parameter uses a capability specific to 1.5 (merging) in this example - whether there is a capability in 1.6 that you can put to use to distinguish the version number, I do not know - you'd have to find out.

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