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I just playing with masonry and infinitescroll and only IE(8) give me back an error.

the page is here: http://unknoweb.com/clienti/danive/en/collection/FallWinter_1011/

on IE masonry and infinitescroll don't start and ruin all the other code. The error is:

Messaggio: Property o method not supported by the object
Linea: 15
Carattere: 25
Codice: 0
URI: http://unknoweb.com/clienti/danive/js/jquery.infinitescroll.js

line 15 on infinitescroll is:

if (opts.debug) { window.console && console.log.call(console,arguments)}

someone can help me?

regards, Andrea

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1 Answer

if this can help, try adding debug: false in the option...

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thanks. now the header slider run but infinitescroll don't want to load other page. –  andrea Jun 4 '10 at 23:26
another problem... with debug:false is stuck in firefox/chrome ... –  andrea Jun 4 '10 at 23:28
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