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I have been having difficulty simply writing a Visual Studio Editor Extension with MEF (Managed Extensiblity Framework). I thank those who answered my previous question, as they helped me know that I need to work with MEF.

I've been trying to learn MEF for the Visual Studio Editor from MSDN's page, Extending the Editor, but it appears that I have a hard time understanding it. Can anyone provide strong resource or tutorials in addressing problem such as using the right ContentTypeDefintion (IGlyphFactory, TextMarkTag, etc...), and what is a ITagger.

I need to understand these things, as most of the walkthrough only extending the text, such as only using the "spans" functionality, while I need to use "selection" methods and use MouseEventHandlers.

Does anyone know an example similiar to my example, or references can tell me something about MEF's for VS editor in-depth?

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I'm also trying to integrate a new language into Visual Studio 2010. You could start watching this video:

  • How to integrate a language service (Video)
  • Hope it helps!

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