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I am trying to import an existing PDF as a template with FPDI. The template is in landscape format. If I import the template into a new document the template page is inserted in portrait form with the content rotated 90 degrees. If my new document is in portrait the full content appears, but if the new document is also landscape, the content is cropped.

Is it possible to use a landscape template with FPDI?

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sure, it is no problem. Just add "L" as parameter when calling "addPage()". Here is a sample which works fine for me (the template is in landscape)


$pdf =& new FPDI();
$pagecount = $pdf->setSourceFile('template.pdf');
$tplIdx = $pdf->importPage(1); 
$pdf->SetXY(25, 25); 
$pdf->Write(0, "This is just a test"); 
$pdf->Output('newpdf.pdf', 'F');

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how to print layout of pdf file in output. now it is printing like this: "0 0 0 rg BT /F1 15 Tf 1 0 0 1 231.49 739.13 (Yesterday Task Report)Tj ET 0 0 1 rg BT /F2 12 Tf 1 0 0 1 37.13 707.29 ". but this is the form of table. – user1360768 Aug 27 '12 at 11:06

Finally got to look at this problem again... Although crono's answer is perfectly valid. It seeoms this only works with more recent versions of the FPDI tools. Upgrading from v1.1 to v1.3 solves the problem.

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