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I know there is no such thing as a dumb question but this is: Can you serve contextual based ads via adsense or others on a site that is entirely behind https?

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Yes, as long as the website is not protected by SSL certificates (in that the client accessing the website needs to have a certificate) Google is perfectly capable of indexing your site for keywords to cater the right ads for your website.

I am not sure if Google makes the adsense code available over SSL as well, if not your visitors will be warned by the browser that the page may contain insecure elements. I do know that their analytics code (For Google analytics) does contain an SSL possibility.

In case you have any more questions, Google's adsense support team/faq will be able to better provide answers to your questions, since you can let them know what site you are talking about!

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Google is aware of the issue but does not offer a properly configured HTTPS version of their code at this time. It'll work by swapping out http for https, but as mentioned above you'll get various errors in browsers.

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AdSense now supports HTTPS. Just remove the "http:" portion of the ad code.

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You can but visitors will receive a message that your site contains secure and none secure data in internet explorer. Most other browsers have a way to communicate this state aswell.

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