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I've been reading a few articles about localization in .NET and it seems there's a couple of different approaches. Some of the articles are quite old though.

Some articles suggest putting key value pairs into a text file and generating a .resources file using resgen. Others suggest using Resource files using the naming convention .en-US as an example, and then using some code (shown below) to get the strings I need depending on the culture.

ResourceManager rm = new ResourceManager("Resources", Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly());

Are there better approaches for this? I feel like it's too easy. Am I just scratching the surface in terms of localization? Surley there must be more...

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I honestly don't know anything about resgen, but the App_LocalResources and the App_GlobalResources folders are built in and do a great job.

I really like the approach of using something like this



here is some good info on Localization in ASP.NET

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