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I worked in flash cs3. Have "People.swf"- library MovieClips, they have export for actionscript and first frame. Names classes "Head1"..."Head2" and so on. How i make create object "Head1" in other flash project?

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load your "library.swf" into a new ApplicationDomain within your application and try something like that:

var _name: String = 'Head1';

try {
    var _class: Class = getDefinitionByName( _name ) as Class;
    var _instance: MovieClip = new _class() as MovieClip;

catch (e:Error) {

    trace('Error - Definition could not be found ! ['+ _name +']');


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Don't want to copy & paste code here. See the useful examples in the official documentation on ApplicationDomain class. You can also find documentation on this class in your native language (russian) here.

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