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Okay so I am launching a cloned e-commerce site. I want to create a rewrite rule for the image folder for the second site to fetch images from the first site.

RewriteRule ^alice.gif$ www.rhinomart.com/images/h_home.gif

When I go to alice.gif directly through the browser it simply redirects me to the rhinomart.com URL and image. How do I prevent the redirect from occurring? When I go to http://www.acnbiz.net/alice.gif it should fetch alice.gif directly from Rhinomart.com/images and not redirect. is it possible???

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If you want to rewrite to an external site but not redirect the browser then you will need to proxy the request by enabling mod_proxy and using the [P] flag.

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I ended up figuring out the ultimate solution! MOD_ALIAS allows you to setup a server side redirect so the client never actually sees the target domain it's fetching the images from. httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/mod/mod_alias.html It was real simple, from SSH: 1. locate httpd.conf (find your active httpd.conf) 2. vi httpd.conf 3. scroll down to your virtual domain and add the following code: AliasMatch ^/images(.*) /usr/local/htdocs/yoursite/images/$1 or whatever the real path is Took me a while to find this solution, Even my hosting company couldn't help me with this one. –  user345426 Jun 10 '10 at 5:50

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