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somehow there are really little tutorials out there for html5 video and audio playback.

I simply want to embed video and audio files with customized controls. However the controls should be farely simple. I only need a play-button. If clicked, play gets replaced by pause. that's all!

however i even don't know how to embed/display a video without "preload controls". Somehow if i only set (without preload controls) Firefox even don't shows anything. Chrome does show a black window.

I would love to be able to use jquery to control the video play and pause button. Maybe you have some little start-approach for me!

thank you very much!

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It's basically all stated here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2107354/html-5-video-custom-controls

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Issue 203 of .net magazine has an article telling you exactly how to do that. The article itself doesn't seem to be online though.

That said, here's an article co-written by one of the authors (Bruce Lawson) of the above article which if you scroll down to, shows you how to create your own controls: Introduction to HTML5 video.

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You can do:


For more: http://wonderdesigners.com/?p=219

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