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Is there a recursive find function for a find in emacs? I thought the 'nix "find" was implemented in eshell but perhaps not (I've been using it on OS X but it must have been calling FreeBSD's "find")... I know of rgrep, find-grep, grep-find, in emacs, but I don't actually need the grepping part. Perhaps it's a feature in one of dired's functions (though I didn't find it)? Using windows and I miss some 'nix utilities... thought emacs 23.2 might fill in for me.

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dired-find? It depends on the external command find though. There might be a lisp implementation of find somewhere, but you might be better off just getting the windows port of the 'nix utilities such as find. Try cygwin.

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find-dired was it... thanks! (and I did have cygwin installed on that machine! forgot...) –  crippledlambda Jun 5 '10 at 14:14

I use ifind.el.

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Thanks - i'll check it out... –  crippledlambda Jun 9 '10 at 6:35

The Projectile project works well for finding files in your project and instantly navigating to them.

Here are the commands: https://github.com/bbatsov/projectile#interactive-commands

In particular the one I use is C-c p 4 f which recursively searches your project to find a filename that matches the provided pattern. Works well, and easy install via M-x list-packages.

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I was looking for that feature for a long time, and I am now totally happy with projectile (see my answer: How do I find-file recursively in directories)

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