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Looking for a (jQuery) video/image gallery to implement on my website, I've found many freely available option. However, I need one that, when in "autoplay" mode and gets to a video file, automatically plays an entire file, and only then moves on to the next image/video. Similar to what Picasaweb are doing when you ask to autoplay an online gallery of your images/videos.

I have found, for example, this plugin: Notice that images 6 and 8 are actually video feeds, but when in autoplay mode, are treated just like any other image, i.e. - displayed for a few seconds then moves on to the next file... not what I need.

Thank you in advance.

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Not sure whether it fulfills your exact requirement (i.e. whether the feature can be combined with an autoplay setting), but JWPlayer supports XML playlists. You'd have to check out whether it works for you.

It's not free for commercial and CMS-driven sites, though. Licenses start at €69.

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Thank you for your help, Pekka. I'll review the JWPlayer. – Ran Jun 6 '10 at 10:28

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