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Is there a neat archiving library that automatically handles archiving a folder or directories for you out there? I am using Jython, so Java libs are also open for use. -UPDATE- Also Im looking for timestamp archiving. ie


then the next day call it again and it creates another folder. Im sure there is something out there on the internet, who knows?

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You have either the:


import  javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet

import  cStringIO
import  gzip
import  string

def compressBuf(buf):
    zbuf = cStringIO.StringIO()
    zfile = gzip.GzipFile(mode = 'wb',  fileobj = zbuf, compresslevel = 6)
    return zbuf.getvalue()
  • or the direct used of java.util.zip as illustrated here, for one file, or for a all directory content.
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You can use java.util.zip, when I was using Jython the built in zip library in python didn't work

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