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I compiled Ogre on my Lubuntu 10.04 with LXDE environment, and when I try to start ./SampleBrowser_d from /bin i have incomplete haven't got background, I can't click on accept and i can't choose OpenGL from avaible list..Anybody know what's it and how fix it ? Here's some screenshots: link text

Any suggestions?

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Probably not really a stackoverflow question. Troubleshooting applications (or sample apps in your case) isn't really programming related. Try on super user maybe? Or just on Ogre's forum. Or hit the debugger. – jalf Jun 5 '10 at 13:20

Are you in the same directory as your executable? If not ogre may fail to find "plugins.cfg" and other media and show strange things. This happened to me once, as i called

#> /opt/OGRE/samples/SampleBrowser

directly instead of

#> cd /opt/OGRE/samples/
#> ./SampleBrowser
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