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The existing site in cakephp with flash. We need to convert it into mobile version. Please suggest me is there any possibilities for making mobile version.

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Take a look at the following frameworks:

For ui and minor ux options

For a more advanced ux

My personal favorite is jqtouch, and as you right now I'm in the middle of porting a cake app to mobile browsers.

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Thank you very much. Its useful to me. –  Govardhan Reddy Jun 12 '10 at 10:21

If you want to make a real mobile site, you want to look into a framework for that. There are two big ones:

  • jQuery Mobile is a site based mobile site, you need to create html in your cakephp views. This is served to the user
  • Sencha Touch is aimed at more sophisticated sites with a lot of interactions. The site is serves as single page, all necessary data if loaded via json. You mentioned CakePHP, so you might want to use Bancha if you decide to use Sencha Touch.
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