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i am trying to develop a window form chat application using c# with asp.net 3.5 framework.

in that form i want to insert emoticons as we found in yahoo, hotmail etc messenger.

can anyone tell me how i can implement that thing as it is done in messenger.

please help me.

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If you want selectable text with inserted emoticon images, I think you have 3 relatively simple options:

  1. Use a WebBrowser instead of a TextBox and create html from your text+images
  2. Use a RichTextBox instead of a TextBox and insert your images into the RTF
  3. Buy a third party advanced TextBox-ish control which offers the ability to override the drawing event
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After a very hard working i got solution


you can share it with other so that they can make applications as i need it.

thanks for your supports.

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I think you can use combination of ASCII characters. You can try with ALT + numeric value to get some smileys. For e.g. combination of ':', '-' and ')' will give you :-). Ascii for ')' is ALT + 41. similarly you can try different options.

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