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I am trying to compile this project:


But I get a bunch of non-sense errors. They got text I am familiar with, but in the position there is nothing like that (like unexpected ')' at an empty row).

Help me, please!

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It seems to me that the error message (at least the first one I checked) is on a correct line (but an invalid column on that line). I'd think that this is a by-design limitation, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anyway, line 25 of the file LispParser.fsy looks suspicious to me:

25: ExprList: Expr { List($1, -1, Null) ] }
26:         | Expr ExprList { List($1, -1, $2) }

The expression in curly braces is List($1, -1, Null) ] and there is a closing square bracket ] but not an opening one. So, I think the bracket probably shouldn't be there. I didn't try it, but I think that the remaining errors are just consequence of this issue.

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These brackets are wrong, yes. I'm right now rushing out, but from a quick re-build there are still errors, maybe they are simple. Will report when I come back home. – Ramon Snir Jun 6 '10 at 3:40
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Many small mistake, I didn't understand at all how it works.

The bracket Tomas found was one of the mistakes (a typo), but the whole concept was wrong.

Solved now.

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