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I have some class which uses boost singleton. It calls some function from own c++ library. This library is written in make file as dependence. Now I have another singleton class and it should call first singleton class. After this code I got linkers error about undefined references for functions which are used in first singleton.

When I remove calling first singleton class from second the errors remove. Maybe there is something wrong?

class First : public boost::singleton<First>
   void temp() { /* Calling function from own library */ }

class Second : public boost:singleton<Second>
    const First &someInstance() const { return First::get_const_instance(); }

End errors:

In function `First::temp()':
undefined reference to `Ogre::WindowEventUtilities::messagePump()'
undefined reference to `Ogre::Root::renderOneFrame()'

Yes, there is calling Ogre's functions from temp one.

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Maybe there is. But unless you post some code and the error messages you are getting, we are unlikely to be able to identify the problem. –  anon Jun 5 '10 at 14:49
@neil-butterworth did that. –  Ockonal Jun 5 '10 at 15:03

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These errors indicate you're not linking correctly with Ogre.

If they disappear when Second isn't referencing First, that's because First is not being referenced/used anywhere else.

Did you try using First in your code to check whether the errors remain?

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