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Using python and wsgiref.handlers, I can get a single variable from a form with self.handler.request.get(var_name), but how do I iterate through all form variables, be they from GET and POST? Is it something like this?

for field in self.handler.request.fields:
value = self.handler.request.get(field)

Again, it should include both fields included in the POST and fields from the query string, as in a GET request.

Thanks in advance folks...

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for field in self.request.arguments():
  value = self.request.get(field)
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A modification of Drew's answer worked great for me:

params = {}
for field in self.request.arguments():
  params[field] = self.request.get(field)
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If you're just constructing a dict out of them, you could just refer to self.request.arguments directly, which is already a dict. –  Nick Johnson Nov 2 '11 at 1:34
Good to know, @Nick Johnson. I think I went down this path because the docs say: Returns a list of the names of query (URL) or POST data arguments. –  DanDan Nov 17 '11 at 15:13

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