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i just finish some MYSQL to excel script with xlwt and I need to colour every second row for easy reading.

I have tried this:

row = easyxf('pattern: pattern solid, fore_colour blue')

for i in range(0,10,2):


Alone this colouring is fine, but when when I write my data rows are again white.

Can some please show me some example 'cuz I m lost in coding :/

Best Regards.

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I've only ever applied color to rows using the write() method.
Does something like this work for you? (adapted from this excellent example):

mystyle = easyxf('pattern: pattern solid, fore_colour blue')

for row in data:
    rowx += 1
    for colx, value in enumerate(row):
        if rowx % 2 == 0:
            # apply style for even-numbered rows
            ws0.write(rowx, colx, value, mystyle)
            # no style for odd-numbered rows
            ws0.write(rowx, colx, value)
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See the answer to your identical question in the python-excel google-group.

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That helped :) ty –  Whit3H0rse Jun 6 '10 at 9:59

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