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I know it's possible to open links in an html page (let's say, if you're using Firefox) with TextMate if the link has this format:

<a href="txmt://open?url=file:///home/.../index.html.haml">View</a>

But is it possible to do a similar thing with VIM? Perhaps like so:

<a href="vim://open?url=file:///home/.../index.html.haml">View</a>

Ideally this would use an existing VIM session.



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Found a way to do it:

Add a Protocol handler to Firefox

Open firefox and navigate to about:config

Add the following keys

    network.protocol-handler.warn-external.txmt   boolean   false

    network.protocol-handler.external.txmt        boolean   true

    #the last one is the path to the script we're about to create
    network.protocol-handler.app.txmt             string    ~/protocol_handler/prot.sh

    # I ended up needing this one as well on another machine, (no idea why)
    network.protocol-handler.expose.txmt          boolean   false

Create the script ~/protocol_handler/prot.sh

Copy and paste the following into the file:

#! /usr/bin/env ruby

file_result = ARGV[0].scan(/file\:\/\/((\w|\/|\.)*).*/)
file_path = file_result[0][0]

line_result = ARGV[0].scan(/\&amp\;line\=(\d*).*/)

if line_result
  line = line_result[0][0]
  system "gvim --remote-silent +#{line} #{file_path}"
  system "gvim --remote-silent #{file_path}"

Save the file.

Change the file mode to be executable:

$ chmod +x ~/protocol_handler/prot.sh

I'm not sure if you have to restart Firefox or not.

If you actually want to use the "vim://" protocol just change the ending on the network keys from txmt to vim. Since several Rails plugins (rails-footer, namely) out there already use txmt, I just used that to avoid recoding.

Have fun! Berns

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Ah, much better & easier then starting from scratch as in my link, trying it now! –  Wrikken Jun 5 '10 at 20:02


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Thanks Wrikken, this got me on the right track. –  btelles Jun 5 '10 at 19:44

To get tmxt:// links working with gedit, I had to use a bash script from @Rystraum's related answer instead of the Ruby, ~/bin/txmt_proto.bash:

FILE=$(echo $FILE | grep -o "file:/\/.\+" | cut -c 8- | sed -e 's/%2F/\//g')
LINE=$(echo $FILE | grep -o "\&line=[0-9]\+")
LINE=$(echo $LINE | grep -o "[0-9]\+")
FILE=$(echo $FILE | grep -o "\(.\+\)\&")
FILE=$(echo $FILE | cut -d'&' -f1)
gedit +$LINE $FILE

and change the Firefox config network.protocol-handler.app.txmt to point at the script:

network.protocol-handler.app.txmt             string    ~/bin/txmt_proto.bash
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