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I am working on an XMPP client, using ejabberd as server. My question is how can I support offline file transferring?

I only want to do the offline file transferring for image files.

For example, I can transfer an image to John even if he is offline. When John comes back online, the server will send him the image.

How can I do that?

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Any solution to support offline file transferring ? –  Purushottam Jan 29 at 12:26

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XMPP had an extension for this - XEP-0129: WebDAV File Transfers - but it is deferred!

I am searching for the same solution. I came across it, but did not find a XMPP server still supporting it.

Still searching for a solution.

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There is currently no extension for XMPP to allow offline file transfers.

Presumably this would need to be supported by the recipient's server, and it would need to be implemented as a server-specific plugin.

Alternatively a project that may be of interest to you is Jabber Disk, which allows you to upload a file via XMPP, and then returns a HTTP URL you can send to people (for example as an offline message).

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the link you have mentioned is dead. It is giving 404 –  prateek May 6 at 4:22
Is it fine if I upload files with PHP on my server and use the url for file sending? –  Jayesh Jain Dec 23 at 11:21

We implemented offline file transfer is TextOne mobile client, but we had to do a custom module. There is no good specification for that yet.

However, for a simple need as you have, I think you could implement it purely client side (uploading to an HTTP server) and use XMPP for signaling.

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