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I have following string

String str = "replace :) :) with some other string";

And I want to replace first occurance of :) with some other string

And I used str.replaceFirst(":)","hi");

it gives following exception

"Unmatched closing ')'"

I tried using replace function but it replaced all occurance of :).

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Apache Jakarta Commons are often the solution for this class of problems. In this case, I would have a look at commons-lang, espacially StringUtils.replaceOnce().

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The replaceFirst method takes a regular expression as its first parameter. Since ) is a special character in regular expressions, you must quote it. Try:

str.replaceFirst(":\\)", "hi");

The double backslashes are needed because the double-quoted string also uses backslash as a quote character.

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i tried using this also but its throws same exception... – user25778 Nov 18 '08 at 9:26
Compiles fine for me - check that you haven't made the same error elsewhere. – matt b Nov 18 '08 at 14:30

The first argument to replaceFirst() is a regular expression, not just a character sequence. In regular expressions, the parantheses have special significance. You should escape the paranthesis like this:

str = str.replaceFirst(":\\)", "hi");
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