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I would like to extract the number from a string in MSBuild.

How can I do that using the built in tasks or the MSBuild.Community.Tasks? (RegexMatch might do, but how?)

Example: I have the string


and I would like to get out the number, without the leading zeros:

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Using MSBuild 4 Property Function

<Target Name="Regex">
    <Out>$([System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex]::Match($(In), `[1-9]\d*`))</Out>

  <Message Text="Input : $(In) Output : $(Out)"/>
  <!-- Input : agent0076 Output : 76 -->
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Yes, that works fine with MSBuild 4. But with MSBuild 3.5 I get the output : , '[1-9]\d*')) – Ole Lynge Jun 6 '10 at 10:11
Property function works only on MSBuild 4. – Julien Hoarau Jun 6 '10 at 15:45

The regex is very simple \d+. Once you have the string that matches that, you can use int.Parse to extract the value.

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