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im looking for a way to implement a addin that can convert a C# solution into a mono compiled exe, so i can use it on a linux and mac environment that have the mono framework installed.

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There is no difference in a .Net exe and a Mono exe. Just compile your solution like you normally would in Visual Studio, then run you exe with Mono instead of .Net.

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what im looking to do, is compile with xbuild and return the output of errors (if any), and if no errors, then build and run through cmd. –  caesay Jun 6 '10 at 22:31
because if i just compile with msbuild then any mono related errors wont be displayed –  caesay Jun 9 '10 at 0:31

If you're working with Visual Studio and Mono, you should compile against a Mono Profile, this helps minimizing potential errors.

If you're really looking for way to integrate XBuild into Visual Studio, you could

  • Add XBuild as Tool in Visual Studio (Tools / External Tools) or
  • If you are using VS2012 - you can use and try out MonoHelper, a little tool I created for learning purpose
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