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Using an addon of FPDF, I am printing labels using PHP/MySQL (http://www.fpdf.de/downloads/addons/29/). I'd like to be able to have the user select how many labels to print. For example, if the query puts out 10 records and the user wants to print 3 labels for each record, it prints them all in one set. 1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3...etc. Any ideas?



            $sql="SELECT $tbl_members.lastname, $tbl_members.firstname, 
    $tbl_members.username, $tbl_items.username, $tbl_items.itemname 
FROM $tbl_members, $tbl_items
WHERE $tbl_members.username = $tbl_items.username";

            if(mysql_num_rows($result) == 0){
            echo "Your search criteria does not return any results, please try again.";

            $pdf = new PDF_Label("5160");


            // Print labels
                $name = $rows['lastname'].', '.$rows['firstname';
                $item= $rows['itemname'];

                $text = sprintf("  * %s *\n  %s\n", $name, $item);

            $pdf->Output('labels.pdf', 'D');
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Assuming that a variable like $copies is an integer of how many copies they want made, I would make the following modification:

// Print labels
while( $row = mysql_fetch_array( $result ) ){
  // Run Once for Each Result
    $name = $row['lastname'].', '.$row['firstname'];
    $item = $row['itemname'];
    $text = sprintf("  * %s *\n  %s\n", $name, $item);
    if( isset( $copies ) ) {
      // The Copies Variable exists
        for( $i=0 ; $i<$copies ; $i++ ) {
          // Run X times - Once for each Copy
    } else {
      // The Copies Variable does not exist - Assume 1 Copy

This should provide the required functionality.

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Perfect! THANKS! –  Michael Jun 6 '10 at 12:40

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