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is there any way to find out to which route my url is getting mapped in mvc.

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You could try using Phil Haacks route tester.

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Yes it is possible and you should test your routing configuration. You Can do it using MvcContrib. They implemented several extension methods on String class that make route testing a piece of cake. Example:

        public void SetUp() {
        public void Routing() {
            "~/".ShouldMapTo<HomeController>(cont => cont.Index());
            "~/home".ShouldMapTo<HomeController>(cont => cont.Home());
            "~/solutions".ShouldMapTo<HomeController>(cont => cont.Solutions());            
            "~/licences".ShouldMapTo<HomeController>(cont => cont.Licences());
            "~/company".ShouldMapTo<HomeController>(cont => cont.Company());
            "~/support".ShouldMapTo<HelpController>(cont => cont.Support());
            "~/privacy".ShouldMapTo<HelpController>(cont => cont.Privacy());
            "~/account".ShouldMapTo<AccountController>(cont => cont.Index());
            "~/account/logon".ShouldMapTo<AccountController>(cont => cont.LogOn());            
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