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My project has collected CSS entropy (unused classes) during its course of development.

Now in order to keep the CSS file small, I want to remove all unused CSS references. But doing that manually involves searching for each class in the entire project. That takes time.

Do you know of any way/tool which I can adopt to find out which CSS classes are no longer used in my project, and remove it?

I am programming on ASP.NET. Visual Studio.

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See almost-identical question here: stackoverflow.com/questions/135657/… –  Nathan Long Nov 18 '08 at 14:42

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You might find this Firefox extension useful: http://www.sitepoint.com/dustmeselectors/

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FYI, this extension does not work with Firefox 4.0+ –  TMC May 11 '11 at 5:49
It looks like there is a new version v3.0 available on the author's website, as well as a version for Opera - brothercake.com –  Funka Feb 8 '12 at 0:41

I wrote a tool which allows you to find all class and CssClass attributes in your aspx source code.

See my blog entry for info and download.

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Thanks... going to check it out now. –  Cyril Gupta Nov 18 '08 at 11:07

Press F12 in Chrome Browser and go for Audit option choose **"Reload page and audit on Load" option and Refresh the page , chrome will list out all the unused CSS rules.**

else For online solution go for unused-css.com

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