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When we use getstring to get data from a recordset (ADO) then it returns all the columns.

If only certain columns are required, how do we modify the getstring statement?

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How about posting your code? – Mitch Wheat Nov 18 '08 at 10:07
THanks but i found a way just used recordset.fields(x) to get those columns i needed thanks for having a look – tksy Nov 18 '08 at 10:24
What does Access have to do with it? What environment are you coding in? – David-W-Fenton Nov 21 '08 at 4:54
I am coding in VBA – tksy Dec 4 '08 at 9:51
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You can take a step back and build the recordset with only the fields (columns) that you want, for example:

strSQL="SELECT ID, FName, SName FROM Members"
rs.Open strSQL, cn

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You can't. GetString returns all columns of all or a specified number of rows. You'll need to loop through the recordset, getting the columns you want explicitly.

It's all in the documentation.

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You can also use a combination of join and getrows

myString = join(rs.getrows( , , myColumn),";")
  • rsGetrows returns an array containing only the myColumn's values
  • Join will transfer the array in a string like "value1;value2; ..."

Check the exact syntax as this was written on the fly

EDIT: unfortunately, it cannot be that straight as .getrows will return a 2 dimensions array. Are there any functions that can extract a one dimension array from a 2 dimensions one? It can be written easily, can't it?

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