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A total newbie question I know.

I'm sing Zend framework, and sending an array from the controller:

$this->view->googleArray = $viewFeedArray;

In the view, I have a foreach loop that is populating a table with the array contents.

foreach($this->googleArray as $row) { ?>
    <td><?php echo $row['when']; ?></td>

It all works fine. At the top of the table, I want to list the number of items in the array.

Something like (which doesn't work):

 <?php echo $this->googleArray->totalResults; ?> event(s) found

How would I do that?


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Tried this?

<?php echo count($this->googleArray); ?> event(s) found
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sweet! Worked great! I've been working on this for over an hour. Thanks! –  Joel Jun 6 '10 at 6:50
yes-I am counting down the minutes till I can accept the answer... –  Joel Jun 6 '10 at 6:55
@Joel: Here is a list of available array functions: php.net/manual/en/ref.array.php Can come handy. You should always read the documentation. –  Felix Kling Jun 6 '10 at 9:34

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