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I have an application on which I am implementing localization.

I now need to dynamically reference a name in the resouce file.

assume I have a resource file called Login.resx, an a number of strings: foo="hello", bar="cruel" and baz="world"

normally, I will refer as: String result =Login.foo; and result=="hello";

my problem is, that at code time, I do not know if I want to refer to foo, bar or baz - I have a string that contains either "foo", "bar" or "baz".

I need something like:


Does anyone know if there is any way to dynamically reference a string in a resource file?

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You'll need to instance a ResourceManager for the Login.resx:

var resman = new System.Resources.ResourceManager(
var text = resman.GetString("resname");

It might help to look at the generated code in the code-behind files of the resource files that are created by the IDE. These files basically contain readonly properties for each resource that makes a query to an internal resource manager.

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Or even easier, you can just access the ResourceManager on the resource itself. e.g. Login.ResourceManager.GetString("foo") –  Hainesy Feb 3 '11 at 14:51

If you put your Resource file in the App_GlobalResources folder like I did, you need to use

global::System.Resources.ResourceManager temp = new global::System.Resources.ResourceManager("RootNamespace.Login", global::System.Reflection.Assembly.Load("App_GlobalResources"));

It took me a while to figure this out. Hope this will help someone. :)

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