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Are there any open source projects out there that are written in a functional programming language and that people can contribute on? I am trying to increase my area of expertise to a functional programming language and I think contributing to a project might be the way to go. Maybe some OCaml or Lisp projects?

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MLdonkey is written in OCaml.

Of course various libraries for functional languages are also generally written in the respective language. So you can find a lot of projects on the language's "library hub". For example for haskell there's hackage, which is full of open source haskell projects.

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SourceForge's projects written on:

OCaml (187)

Lisp (436)

Common Lisp (111)

Erlang (110)

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A few of the popular NoSQL databases are written in Erlang (if you consider that to be a functional language, that is), including CouchDB and Riak. Both are open-source, and both still under active development.

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Most of EMACS is written in elisp.

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Also the various 3rd party modes and add-ons for emacs. –  sepp2k Jun 6 '10 at 15:37
-1, Emacs is not written in a functional style. See the comments here: goo.gl/S2Vj –  missingfaktor Jun 6 '10 at 19:43

Ejabberd written by Erlang seems to be a chat server that is mature and active.(as @skaffman said, if you consider Erlang as a functional programming language).

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