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After reading this thread: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2792932/nsuserdefaults-not-present-on-first-run-on-simulator

I know it's quite easy to store some app data in the [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]. But if other applications also happen to use the same key to store their data, is this possible that my app data gets overwritten?

Many thanks to you all.

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No, each application has it's own defaults, saved in a different file based on the application's bundle ID. On the iPhone (and simulator) each app has it's own home directory too, and can't access other app's files.

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This answers the question correctly but provides information outside of the question's scope that is misleading. Reads are through a series of databases, although the databases are either system-wide or belong to your application, not other applications. See the documentation for standardUserDefaults for more. – Steven Fisher Jun 15 '10 at 18:42

No. When you store something in NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults, it's primarily a collection for your application. Other apps on the iPhone can't store there.

However, if you read keys other than what you stored, you may get back a value from the system database. This won't be other applications' data, but something related to the iPhone itself. I think the keys are undocumented, though.

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Each application has its user defaults sandboxed from each other. You won't run into any collisions.

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