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Where could I find HTML website templates geared toward a programmer's website? I have looked on Google but couldn't find templates specifically for a programmer's website.

EDIT: To clairify, I want this as information about me, my projects, a blog, and some other stuff.

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The best templates you can find will be simple HTML/CSS for defining a columnar web page. The rest, only you can create the best, or hire someone to do it for you.

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You could do this in WordPress any of the similar packages. Are you looking for a template for content, or are you looking for a template for page layout?

For content, look through the programmers pages you have bookmarked. What works well for you? What don't you like? This is a creative task and not necessarily well suited.

For page layout, WordPress has a number of themes available. Most content management systems will have the same. A themeable content manager makes it much easier to make changes to layout on either a grand scale, or simple tweeks.

Look at some of the sample sites for WordPress, Joomla, etc.

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