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I was reading that memcpy takes the number of bytes from a source location and adds it to a destination location. Does this mean that memcpy could possibly change datatype entirely ??

memcpy(DoubleOne, CharTwo, strlen(CharTwo));

considering that both values are empty still.

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it doesn't "add" the bytes from the source location to the destination. It copies the bytes... and, no, it doesn't care what data type those bytes actually correspond to. –  Assaf Lavie Jun 6 '10 at 17:16

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Yes, they dont have to.

int test = 3;
char dest[sizeof(int)];

memcpy(&dest[0], &test, sizeof(int));

Is valid c(++).

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Yes, memcpy doesn't care about the types. (It converts both its parameters to void pointers anyway)

It doesn't "change datatype" as much as it just writes char data into a double array (in your case) and hopes it makes sense.

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