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I have deployed my symfony app into a shared server. The problem: for example, the images and the .css of the default page that says

Symfony Project Created
Congratulations! You have successfully created your symfony project.

Project setup successful

are not loaded.

I read this but it's not enough for me..

What should I do?



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You aren't meant to see those images/styles/pages in production. – Amy B Jun 6 '10 at 19:21
I mean I don't see those images/styles/pages in production. – ziiweb Jun 6 '10 at 22:21

You may need to symlink from your web directory to the symfony data directory. In a standard Symfony install, with Symfony inside of your lib/vendor directory, it would look like this:

ln -s ../lib/vendor/symfony/data/web/sf/ sf

Alternatively, you can add an Alias for sf in your Apache config.

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