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i have a site running on IIS that i have Canonical Issue with.

the error is:

The page with URL "http://www.site.org/images/join_forum.gif" can also be accessed by using URL "https://www.site.org/images/join_forum.gif".Search engines identify unique pages by using URLs. When a single page can be accessed by using any one of multiple URLs, a search engine assumes that there are multiple unique pages. Use a single URL to reference a page to prevent dilution of page relevance. You can prevent dilution by following a standard URL format.

how can i resolve this?

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If the only difference is http vs https then don't worry about it. Search engines are smart enough to know they are the same file. And especially so for images.

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what about site.com and site.com this is anothe rpain in my but... –  kacalapy Jun 7 '10 at 19:55
Yes, in that case try and make sure you always point to the same domain. The best way is a 301 redirect from one version of the domain to the other (search Stack Overflow or Google, you'll find how to do it), but you can also set a preferred domain in Google webmaster tools - google.com/webmasters/tools –  DisgruntledGoat Jun 7 '10 at 21:19

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